Candles in the Fridge

This piece of writing  “Candles in the Fridge”was written on December 14th, 2010Our teacher Mrs. O, told us to right a story with only one restriction the title had to be “Candles in the Fridge“. I enjoy this story because it is a sad story with lots of heart with scares at every corner. This is a finished piece.

September 13th, 1933

This is Chris Rojek. I know it all but must seem a little “girly” for a 10 year old boy to have a diary, but it is what it is you’ know.

May 31th, 1941

Well I just turned 18 yesterday. I found this journal while I was hiding in my closet . Why I was hiding you ask? Well it’s quite a tale.  As my family and I were celebrating my birthday a maniac attacked and killed my family with a revolver.

June 1st,1941

I have a growing suspicion think the maniac is still lurking about. I am hesitant to move, breath because I have another growing suspicion …I might die in here.

June 2nd, 1941

I really think I am going to die here . Wow I really never reflected on this but when you’re alone your imagination runs wild . I have thought about 1000 ways to die like : murder, a natural disaster, starvation, dehydration, lack of sleep and plain going crazy.

June 3rd,1941

I still cant go to sleep, because I’m too frightened and  now I am positive I will die . I’m starving to death until ( Bam!) I realized my birthday cake was still in the fridge . So I decided one trip down stairs wouldn’t hurt. Well reader I’m sorry to say this but our dear Chris never got to see his candles in the fridge. As he was going downstairs he heard a little creak from his parents room. Being a curios man Chris opened his parents door and came face to face with the revolver that killed his family. And my dear readers Chris is now rejoiced with is family and is having the best birthday any one could have.

4 thoughts on “Candles in the Fridge

  1. WOW,intense.just a couple of questions:why did he write september 13 1933 to may 31 1933 and so on? just asking good story though very good

  2. Andrew- I remember this. Like the whole class wrote a post on this. I did mine about my weekend. Nice job Andy!

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